Link Plus Classic
Link Plus Classic
Link Plus Classic
Link Plus Classic
Link Plus Classic
Link Plus Classic

Link Plus Classic

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Get the smart pet wearable for smart pet parents and you’ll be on your way to easily tracking your pup, monitoring his activity, and staying connected with him 24/7/365 all from the comfort and convenience of your phone.

• Attach the Link Plus to your pet’s collar, or purchase the Classic Link Collar to get connected

• Stay classy with a genuine leather device recommended for pets 10+ lbs.

• Track your pet’s location from your phone

• Get customized activity recommendations

• Use the remote turn-on light for safety

• Enhance training with the remote turn-on sound feature

• Feel at ease with shock resistance & waterproof materials (IP67)

• Stay connected for longer with enhanced battery life

Link Plus Classic includes tracker, carrier, base station and power cord. Service plan and collar sold separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your service plan is purchased in the Link app when you create your account and activate your tracker.

Yes, the LINK service plan is independent of your cell phone service plan and provider (Verizon, Sprint, etc.). AT&T’s nationwide network allows the GPS data captured by your LINK tracker to be sent to your phone anywhere in the United States.

You can track them anywhere in the United States. As long as your phone and the tracker have cell service (just like if you were making a call to your dog). The tracker also has to have a clear line of sight to the sky for it to get a GPS signal.